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Bought new in 98. Runs great never abused. With only 700 hrs on it (used for PA buck mountains) my 98 Prairie developed a rear axle that's slides in-out of differential 1/2" and leaks. Dealer said it was a clip. I dissembled the rear brake assembly and the two locking nuts were loose. Could this be the reason axle slides?

Plus, wanted to remove axle to change seals, but after much hard effort I can't get the left side axle nut off (yes cotter pin is out). A very small spring sits on the axle between the shims and cover that is in bad shape. Finally, and this from a buck hunter not some experienced wrench turner, I assume the axle wont turn because the front ties on the floor and not because I tried breaking that axle nut free.

Hoping for some relief cuz the big bucks hang out up top and I aint getting there without my bike.

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