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a few important questions i need answered please

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can someone please tell me this...

if i get big kev to do the porting and he does the best port job he can do and makes the holes 3 times the original size.. and i get his new taller intakes to go with my 715 with stage 3 racing cams will it work with my 36 mm carbs or would i have to get some of the 40+ mm carbs.. i dont want to spend the money on extra carbs but i do want to port and get the intakes with a crossover if possible.

and would i have to get his drag exhaust to go with the bigger ported intakes or could i stick with my hmfs untill i can get the muzzy super pro??

also are there and kits avaliable to change all the lines and hoses on the v into braided steel lines now??

and what are some really good new mods avaliable that i can do myself or doesnt cost much.. i want you all to list look good mods and perfomance mods you have figured out in the last year i havent been here????

thank you oh so very much.

paul aka vforceking
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all I can give is speculative answers. So please understand Paul, these are just my thoughts/opinions

That's not a lot of cc's for a lot of port work

may be detrimental to you bottom end especially if you go with bigger carbs.

You are really gonna have to be turning high revs, then you could see some benefit from major porting and bigger carbs....but is the race over before you get it wound up good. A healthy dose of nitrous may negate any negatives

drag exhaust, don't know, won't speculate. They are obnoxiously LOUD. That's why I run my LTE's. Personally I would get the Muzzy
I had a pretty nice port job done by Glenn himself not a machine shop that according to him would support a 840, with that said my 715 ran pretty good for what it was. I think it had to do more with the combinations of mods than anything else. Get a muzzy pro, have Glenn or Bigkev do the porting, get 36-38mm intakes and the right carbs for it (36-38mm).

Me personally, I'd go with race porting, stock valves, 36mm bigkev intakes, 36mm carbs (which you already have), and a muzzy super pro.
yea pipo i think thats exactly what im going to do.

sounds like the most simple thing to do without getting all hectic in trying to get this and that and spending another 1200 plus dollars on bigger than i already have carbs bigger porting and race exhaust

so im going to go with the 36mm crossover intakes.. got the 36mm carbs.. going with the muzzy super pro.. the race porting.. stock valves.. and imma hook the bottle up to it.

PIPO-- could you please tell me if your megaphone i bought from you would fit the muzzy super pro or not??
Paul, I don't think the 36mm crossover intakes would be worth the money in your case.
Yeah, forget the croosovers and get BK intakes if you can afford them...couldn't tell you about the megaphone, but I'm sure BK or even VFJ could tell you though.
ok big kev told me that i can use the muzzy super pro with my muzzy pro megaphone i bought from pipo... so would someone show me where i can buy the muzzy super pro and how much it would be to get it please??

thanks alot.

Can you get it from BK himself? Maybe VFJ.
Paul: VFJ has been selling them for $550.00 shipped with copper gaskets. This is the best deal around. They should work well with your build, I have the same build ruffly as you, and they work great.
how much of a gain over what you had before did you see wapiti??

and im going to talk to VFJ soon after i get everything else in order with it.. i want to get it powdercoated and get those billit bolt kits off ebay before i start putting it back together.

does anyone know if the bolt kit is still avaliable on ebay or did it end because i couldnt find it when i looked.. or maybe i just dont know how to look on ebay well..

thanks again

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