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A few questions. Also need some parts.

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Pulled the motor from my Tecate this morning.

Are these supposed to have a top motor mount?
I didn't see anything about it in the service manual but there is a support on the head for a mount.

I've got a leak around the sprocket shaft.
Anyone know if the o-ring and collar are replaced without splitting the case?

My sprocket shaft teeth are worn. There is some slop between the sprocket and shaft. Anyone have a good used shaft?

If I can get a shaft, I'll have to split the case, anyone have recommendations on a complete gasket kit?


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No there is not a top motor mount. I believed that was used on the 86 and 87 T3. The T4 used the same head as the 86 and 87 T3. Yes you can replace the sleeve and oring without splitting case. The sleeves are not available but the orings are. I had the same leak and the only way I got it to stop was to put two rings behind that sleeve. I have 3 different motors and all of them have some slop between the gear and shaft. I dont know what yours is like butI believe some slop is normal. somebody may have a better answer for this.
Gasket kit

There isn't supposed to be any slop but it's very typical. If that o-ring wears out or is missing the sprocket will fit loose and create that wear. I use and sell the Athena complete kits which work great. PM me if you need one.
Thanks for the replies.
The teeth on the shaft are worn (probably a 1/16" groove worn in.
I think the 0-rings will fix the leak short term, but long term I need to fix the shaft.

Probably best to keep looking for other used tecate's.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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