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Acewell Dash, KFX 700

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Hi all,

This may have already been asked but i cannot find what i am looking for so maybe someone here can help.

I am buying a KFX 700 and plan to fit an acewell to it with dash surround, need it for uk road legal issues and do not like the trailtech product.

Anyway, I have already bought the acewell kit, but after looking at pictures cannot see where to fit it on the quad.

Does anyone have any pics of it fitted to there kfx700? I would like to leave the original warning lamps in place - although not to much of a problem if i have to remove.

Many Thanks

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Do you have the stock handlebars/clamp or aftermarket? I have the TrailTech bars/clamp and had to make a bracket to mount it to the clamp. I will try to get a picture posted later today or tomorrow night.

What model Acewell do you have? Mine is a 3100.
Hi, I have stock dash with the original warning lights which i may do away with and wire up to the acewell, i have acewell 3972 as seen here ACEWELL Digi Dash Speedometers > Digital speedo for Quad / Motorcycle / Kit Car


Did it come with a mounting bracket like the one shown in the attachment below? My 3100 did but I was unable to make that bracket work with my TrailTech clamp so I had to make my own bracket.

View attachment 20277
no mine only has one mounting hole
OH, I probably can't help you then. Sorry.
James---Check this out---Works like a charm---Doesn't matter if it's Acewell or TrailTech---Wish I'd gotten the Acewell

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