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Adjustable Axle for a V

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Adjustable from 31 1/8" to 34 1/8" in 1" increments. Not sure what brand it is. It has honda pattern hubs and they are NOT the same splines as stock hubs. $150 + shipping.
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That's a RPM axle.
I think it's a Team Industries Firestik axle
I'm about 99% sure monkey is right it's a Firestik axle
Yep, I think the monkey is right. The hubs are identical to the ones on my yfz.
Well hell. I thought thats what I was told mine was when I bought it. If anyone else is looking for one let me know.
LOL @ Jon

I've had 3 of the Firestiks

It's great axle, and that's great price Jr. has on it
No offers?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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