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Adjusting Valves

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Hey kawiriders I know there is alot of threads on adjust valves but here is my situation me and my friend adjusted the valves just like 700v.com shows the intake valves are 0.10-0.15mm and exhaust valves are 0.20 - .25 know we did this and it seems thats its still ticking in the front head of the motor you dont really hear nothing on the rear head. I have no idea what else am I doing wrong any help would be great thanks guys.
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Just a thought, but are you sure your feeler gauge is in mm?
My feelers are old and don't have a mm printed on them so I had to use the convertion to inches...
I think I set mine to .005 intake and .009 exhaust and I have a VERY slight tick when stone cold...
It gets much better after warm up.
I also had to dig out a 45 Degree feeler set, the strait ones I usually use were too inacurate thru the adjustment window.
This is copied from the manual....
Engine Top End:​
Valve clearance:
Exhaust 0.20 ~ 0.25 mm (0.0079 ~ 0.0098 in.) – – –​
Inlet 0.10 ~ 0.15 mm (0.0039 ~ 0.0059 in.) – – –
thanks for the response nah the feeler gauge is in mm. I just want to make sure of this the top two valves on both heads are the intakes and the two bottom valves where the exhaust pipes are close by those are the exhaust valves right? thanks
Yep...you got it...
Depending on how bad it's ticking...
and if you have other symptoms of a problem...
you could pull the covers and make sure you haven't broken a spring...
how far out of spec. were they? too tight? too loose?
its a decent ticking I mean u can hear it at idle pretty well but its just that front head when we first started on them they were loose. I mean the quad starts up pretty good havent had no problems just that ticking gets to me. thanks
EXACTLY where did you set them to?
The front head stays cooler than the rear...
that's why the jet is usually one size bigger...
how long are you warming it up when you still hear it?
does the fan come on while you hear it?
what oil r u running?
when did you last do an oil/filter change?
Well I warm it up for a couple of minutes then I take it for a ride and even after she's warm it ticks. I use the Kawasaki oil 10-40w and I just did the oil change and filter two weeks ago.
....you answered three of the five ? I asked...:)
I set them to the way 700v.com said, I heard the fan come on once when I rode it and stopped to idle thats really it. I got a question when you look through the inspection plug do you make a full counter clockwise turn or until you see that T figure and the front and rear valves should show the same T figure I dont know if Im making that clear but thanks for the help.
I think I understand...
and that may be the problem...
if I remember correctly there are two T marks one for front and one for rear.
I have a flywheel on the shelf...I'll go check and post some pics if you want...
^^^ correct, It has two t- marks on it. One has a F by it and the other has a R by it. I had this same problem with mine when adj the valves. It was my rear cyl that was the prob. I had to do it several times to get it right. Just ber sure that you rotate it clockwise to align the marks. I also found better results when making a full rotation going from the front mark to the back. Meaning when youre done adjusting the front or back, go past the cyl mark for the next cyl youre doing and go a full turn back to it and try it that way. I tried to adj the front and make the half turn to the back mark but could never get it to stop ticking that way. I went past the R mark and back past the F mark to the R mark again and it worked for me. :)
ya that would be great thanks alot gardog.
thanks jrenigar for the response I think I get what ur saying makes sense.
on the 800 its 6 and 8 correct ????? its been a wile for me as mines been down for a little time. is this correct with stage three cams on the hog ported 800
I have stage X hot cams set the to 5 and 9 and it runs great thats what the card ven told me to adjust them to
Well the manual says intake 4-6 and exhaust 8-10 so the happy medium would seem to be 5 and 9----I believe John recommends 6 and 8---Maybe he'll chime in and explain why.

I used 5 and 9 b/c I'm running stock shafts, and I always allow a little extra on the exhaust for heat expansion...
6 on the intake would be safer, but add noise...
8 on the exhaust would be quieter but leaves less room for error...
VFJ prolly posted this as a happy medium between best power #'s and safety...
NOT speaking for him...just thinking out loud.
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