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Air intake mod not 12 hole

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I want to do a intake mod but not the 12 hole mod. I ride at the dunes and I also ride the river and dont want water getting in to my intake. I have a set of HMF full duals not installed in tell I get all my mods together so I can dyno tune it and I am sending my clutch to vforce john tomarrow for a stage 3 upgrade. And I am looking for a crossover intake, twin air filter, and whatever other mods I can bolt on. I am new to the Vforce just owned it 2 weeks and road it once. But I need to get ready for the summer. Any help would be great.:(
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I you get water in the 12 hole lid, you were too deep. :D I would say that unless you're into bogging or deep water crossings, you won't have a problem. I never have.
EHS racing has a lid for the air box that opens through the top and has an outerwear on it---They are one of the sponsors on here---Another way they used to do it is to leave the stock opening, (cut the plastic wall in front of it out), then open another 2 1/8th hole next to it so then you'll have 2 snorkels at the front of the box, (you can angle the 2nd one higher and facing the rear)---I think these 2 ways will allow enough air to support the cross overs.

Other stuff---Spark plug boot mod---Shims on the needles and polish slides and cut springs---Blue, Pink, or Maroon primary spring---You'll also need #42 pilots with the crossovers

Remember the center bolt in the primary loosens clockwise and you'll need a clutch puller if you don't have one.

Expand your sig on this bike so we can see what your doing.

I have the twin air, & 12 hole and I skim 60 feet with no water issues. The twin air will not let water through unless it's under the water.
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