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Another cam question.

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I got a new set of stage 1 hot cams on e-bay for a very good price. What sort of results should I see with these with the mods listed in my sig?
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Not much..But I have never ran them.
Minimal results compared to a builders cam. My buddy has them in his Brute. He wishes he would have went bigger. It has a little more grunt but not what he was told. The retard paid 1500 installed by his dealer up here behind my back hoping to be able to beat me. :lol:
i ran them a couple yrs back they wernt worth the effort save them for cam cores and head to one of the builders
I got them to use until next year when I go bbk and then planned on putting them in my brute. I guess I'm stuck with them until next year. At least I only paid $180 and not full price.
I have a set of Hot cams in my 750..... I didn't notice anything after installing them. I got them free thou witch is why I run them.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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