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Another new Toy

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Anybody remember that 89 Toyota 2wd I bought last year, then drove until I broke the frame? :D that thing had the most rotten frame I had ever seen!!!

Anyway, I bought another frame and planned to swap, but just couldn't find the time....I ended up selling almsot everything I had for it and actually turned a small profit....I still have a few more parts to sell.

I missed it, and have been looking ever since for a deal....i finally found one and picked it up a couple weeks ago.

91 Ex Cab, 4X4 22RE, 5 spd, 216,000 miles:lol:

I've been working on it an hr here and there for a couple weeks and It cleaned up pretty nice....I don't think it had been waxed in 10 years or more, it was almost pink....but amazingly it buffed out nice and its pretty straight. A little rust around the wheelwells is all....frame is solid on this one! I sold the topper It came with for $100, so I gota whopping $1650 in it so far :)

It needs a little TLC and needs a clutch....its shot! but should be a fun project. I've seafoamed the intake tract, seafoamed the crankcase, ran it 50 miles and then dropped the oil....added some fresh castrol and a quart of Lucas.....engine is nice and quiet now....but I think it probably needs a timing chain soon....guides and tensioners are probably worn, that is where I suspect the noise was coming from...amazing how the lucas lubes everything up so well... Never changed a clutch, but i think I can figured it out....parts are only like $150-200 and I don't want to give somebody $800-$900 to do it....can't be that hard. lol It shifts so hard right now, its no fun to drive around town....once on the highway it purrs right along.

Whatcha think?
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If it is shifting hard ,it sounds like it isn't releasing all of the way which would more likely be the clutch master or slave cyl.If there is alot of play at the top of the pedal then there is a problem with the hydraulics.
nice truck banda!
yep-check the slave cyl.
very common
Nice truck i would like to find me something like that again i miss my little trucks all mine were lowered though

And yes sounds like the slave cylinder if it does not slip and just shifts hard
Looks good Mike. You'd be lucky to find one that nice around here. All the ones I see are pretty much totally rotted out.
yeah thats the nicest one i've seen in a while.

but i agree, it does sound like the slave cylinder. im not very familiar with theses trucks but im guessing the slave cyl is inside the tranny bellhouse. so might want to replace the clutch anyway while you're in there. unless of course its an external slave cyl.
look great!!

here is an idea for you!!

pull that 4cyl out and drop in one of those 4L Lexus V8s!!

self about to start a similar project this side!!:D
thanks guys....good info....the kid I bought it from said he just replaced the clutch master cylinder and the slave cylinder and bled it out so I was hoping to rule that out, but I am also wondering if they did it right... he said his buddy (a mechanic) helped him do it....but hey, everybody has a buddy who is a "mechanic" right?? :lol: There is a shop in town that just got a new bleed machine, so I may have him bleed it out again, change the fluid in the tranny and see where I am at on it. might be worth an hr of shop labor if that is all it needs.

Truck was rough looking when I bought it, but I can see the potential in these things and after a few hrs of elbow grease, it is quite a difference all ready. It was on craigslist for $2000 with no pics....I was close, so I was the first one to look and bought it before he could post any pics....I think once the tranny is good and I fix some dash lights, it would easily go for $3000+ Most around here are rotted out bad....freaking salt here is ridiculous....I've probably spent a couple hundred this winter washing my truck becuase I plan to keep it a long time and don't want it getting cancer.

As far as a motor swap....I purposely searched for one with the 4 cylinder....my 2wd got 27.5 around town....I am hoping for 20-24 with this one...I've got the 315 hp GMC if I need to speed or pull something. But yea, I love motor swaps....350 chevy would be fun in this thing. :eek:
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back to the future truck. . . wrong color n missing the light bar, but i love old mini trucks, slammed or lifted they look tough
back to the future truck. . . wrong color n missing the light bar, but i love old mini trucks, slammed or lifted they look tough
Damn I was just about to say that... :)

I always liked Martys truck.. does this look familiar? My own version. :cool:

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back to the future truck: Its an 85 Toy straight axle and EFI :D Yours looks better, Metal

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tough trucks--beat them and they like it--B)
Always liked the toy 4 bys! Had one back in the mid 90s that I gave hell.
Submerged it in water up to the bottom of the windsheild and drove right out!:eek:
Really though nice looking truck! Sounds like you've done alot to get it to that point.
I am hoping for 20-24 with this one
My dad has pretty much the same exact truck only newer. It's a 95 ex cab, 4x4 5sp 22re 176k. I think that mileage is pretty much what it averaged, so you should get that no problem. Going to be selling it soon, but sadly it has more rust than your truck and the timing chain is getting noisy too.
back to the future truck: Its an 85 Toy straight axle and EFI :D Yours looks better, Metal

Maybe but when I bought it, I had Martys truck in mind. :)
Nice truck.

Does it chatter when you stop, put it in gear with clutch and let the clutch out? That's a worn or oil soaked clutch.

If it's a pain in the ass to actually shift into gear in the first place when it's not moving, well, there are lot's of things, slave cylinder located outside the bell housing, air in the lines (obviously need to bleed line) or the big one (worn clutch aside) the shifter fork pivot knob located inside the bell housing. This is the pivot ball that the shifting fork pivots on when you push the clutch in. It's the piece that the slave cylinder pushes on that goes into the bell housing disengaging the clutch for shifting. There's usually a boot attached to the bell housing this piece goes through. This pivot ball snapped and the clutch would simply not disengage. Once I got it going on the road though, you could powershift it once the syncs, get up to speed. Atleast that's what snapped on my (85 4runner) a couple of years back. I have a centerforce II in it (way overkill) for this little engine. But it works your leg muscle!! When I broke my pivot ball, I pulled the bellhousing just far enough back to get my hands in there to pull the old one out and install the new one.

Changing the clutch on this thing is really not that hard either.
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My buddy had a similar truck. The timing chain got so loose it rubbed a slot (hole) in the timing chain cover. It was a lengthy job.
That's a flaw with the timing set up in the 22RE. The damn timing chain guide is plastic. They will wear out, knock the timing out and start wearing expensive time consuming pieces out, but it usually takes a couple 100k, assuming maintainance is done at decent intervals and you use a good oil filter (usually anything but Fram) something with a backflow preventer valve.

I would've thought they would have addressed this issue in later 22re builds. My 22re is 1985. If DOA racing is still in business, this guy had metal chain guides built specifically to replace the plastic ones. Then you should never have to worry about it again.

This guy does some nice work. I've got one of his engines in my 4runner. More power. Granted it's like giving hamsters steroids, I mean, it's still an old school 4cyl. but I'll take what I can get. :)

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wow!!nice truck at a great price.that truck would sell like it is for 3k here in texas.
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