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Another tach wiring question

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I just picked up a Autometer 14K ProCycle tach really, really cheap :D, and I'm wondering if there is anyway to make it work on a V other than using a Copperhead VDI. Since it doesn't have a 4 cylinder option (only 1 pulse or 2 pulse), hooking it up to the pickup wire still gives me double RPM's. I was wondering if a MSD tach signal pickup would work, but I hate to spend $40 more just to try it out. Any other ideas? Thanks.
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I'm not familiar with that tach, but I wonder if you can wrap that pickup wire to one of the coils??? I just connected my Acewell 3200 tach/temp guage to my Twin Peaks (aka Prairie) yesterday and this tach had 2 options...connect it to the CDI (such as my Dyna programmable CDI or a VDI), or wrap the pickup wire around one of the coil wires.

Good luck with that and happy trails...:)
I might try that. I used to have a Daytona digital tach that worked that way. The tach is a 3 1/2 inch Autometer tach that reads to 14,000 rpms. I put a "joke" bid on it, and won it on ebay:eek:. It's really a bit larger than I would like, but for the price I thought I'd try it out.
It's like this tach without the shift light (and no mount) -
Auto Meter Pro Cycle Tach 19235 0-14000 rpm : eBay Motors (item 150416930514 end time Feb-25-10 05:58:40 PST)
I'm almost embarrassed to say what I won it for :lol:.
Tried wrapping the pickup wire - didn't work :cry:. I guess I'll have to try something else.
Looks like a good tach, but I can see that it may be a little large if its made for a street bike.

Ok, I'll take a wild guess...did you pay $10 plus shipping for it? lol
$6 + shipping :lol:. Close guess.
how about using one for a vtwin cruiser . i have one i had on my 1100 vstar . its 2" and fit right on the hood . i will see if i can get it to work
is this the one you got
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checked the link, same one.

Sweet damn buy :eek:

Did it come with instructions?

You can alter the wiring for different applications
Didn't get anything but the tach. I downloaded the instructions from the Autometer website, but the only thing I could do is cut the wire that switches from 1 pulse to 2 pulse. I tried it both ways and couldn't get it to work. After the weather improves I'll try a few more things. Sometimes you can find a good deal on Ebay if you look hard enough and get lucky (but I still think my $29 Fasst bars were my best buy).
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