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Any news on GBC race rex tires?

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Was looking into some new tires & wheels, found this new GBC race rex tire and was asking you guys if they are a good tire, or feedback on them?
I was getting some ITP holeshots till i seen these, i like the itp quad cross xc just looking for a long lasting tire.
Any info would help with trail & race tire!
Thanks! Steve
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Several guys around me have them, Seem to be a good tire. Another tire that alot run here are the Kenda Knarly's.
Thanks alot for the reply! I always ran Turf tamers and loved them years ago, i like alot of the itp's, just wondering how long they last? Not going racing here yet, looking at you guys running ya know. My bud has a ton of Holeshots, they dont' look like they wear for everyday use, any help again thanks alot!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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