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Any Tecate Experts in Illinois (Chicago Area)?

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I have the ability to buy a clean Tecate 3 for $1,100. It supposedly needs a stator to get it running, however, it comes with a bunch of extra parts (Mostly NOS) including an extra set of mint / used plastics and a new set of Maejer plastics too. I am new to the Tecate world, so it would be nice to have someone close to help / guide me in this project. Is there anything I should be aware of? What parts are the hardest to locate? I have restored many snowmobiles, and have the deisre to to a trike.

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What year T-3?
1985 I believe
84-85 are around... you can find everything...
86 are tough to find but are there if your patient and will to pay a bit more...
Thanks for the reply....Any Tecate owners / experst in the Chicago area?
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