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Anyone running klaws?

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Bout time for front tires. How do klaws compare to razors and holeshots and the V?
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I have had all 3, Razrs work the best, holeshots last the longest and the klaws fit nicely in between, good traction and sem to be durable.. I ran the klaws for 2 years with no flats, When its time for new fronts again I will be getting the Klaws again.
Let me know if you want a set of stockers...I'll have a pair for sale this weekend when they get replaced by tt tires.
I ran them they were not Razors but worked well..
Yeah but for the price dif the Klaws are not a bad tire at all

The best combo I have found is Razr2 in front and I razr in the rear
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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