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atv dump bucket?

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anyone ever use or seen these being used?

i am in the process of buying a house with land, i would like to use the mule as much as possible....
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Might as well go crazy and add this to the rear end :lol:
now you guys are going to laugh!!!:lol:

when I read the heading, was thinking of another dump bucket!!

like when out in the bush, and a dump is urgently needed and no toilet within many miles, some of the guys this side have a little frame that you hook on the towbar of the quad, dig a whole under the frame attached to the towbar, have a seat, dump, cover hole and ride on!!

sorry needed to share that one!!:D
Like this? http://www.bumperdumper.com

I see no reason you can't adapt it to a quad:lol:
anyone see that top gear where jeremy and james drove to the north pole?

they had one of those pooper seats, jeremy kept taking off driving when james was using it... those crazy brits
I haven't seen that one in person but the swisher products that I have seen have all been go quality .
thanks for the input, i am also looking at one of their pull mowers
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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