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I have a new to me 90 Bayou 4x4. It can shift into reverse without using switch. I don't believe the clutch is functioning much if at all. I can shift but I don't feel torque lessening when I push clutch lever or when gears change. I have another bayou so I know how it should feel.

I believe I need a new clutch pack because the clutch levers and such still all function. I removed clutch cover and all levers seem to move and work as they should. I tried adjusting clutch screws a few times prior to removing cover.

And it goes into reverse without using switch. I adjusted switch cable a bunch and nothing changes. I was hoping a solution would present itself with clutch cover off but I don't see any parts moving when I mess with switch.

Any insight or things to check would be helpful. What more do I need to do to diagnose reverse switch issue? What else might cause clutch to not disengage?

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