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Bayou Clutch Slipping - How to tell if its Primary or Secodary

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Hi all,

My '97 Bayou 300 4X4 has a slipping clutch. It is not noticable when I'm working around the yard or pushing snow. It is very noticable when you try to pickup speed in the higher gears. If I try to go down the road, when I up-shift, I can hear it slipping until it finally grabs.

So my question is, it this the primary or secondary clutch that is slipping? Since it starts fine, I assuming its worn plates or springs on the secondary.

Is anyone familiar with these symptoms?
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Ok, Does your oil smell like burnt wood? did you try and adjust it yet. There should be two "nuts" sticking out of the clutch cover, they are connected to a bolt end that has a slotted screw groove in it. I believe its the top one, loosen the 12mm nut and back off the "bolt end" tell it feels loose, not to far or the cover gets to come off. now tighten the "bolt end with a screw driver hand tight, while holding the screwdriver, re tighten the nut. Go for a ride and see if that helps. If still slipping buy a heavy duty EBC clutch kit "Metal plates and friction plates" and get a gasket for the cover, some new oil and change out your plates. Its really easy to do done about a hundred while working at a dealer here when I was younger. on a scale 1-10 its a 5-6. good luck. ps you don't have a primary or secondary clutch's that's a belt drive deal. no biggie

Maybe I misunderstood the book about the primary and secondary clutches. I thought it used a centrifical device for starting, then a clutch pack for shifting. Its a 5 speed tranny, manual shift. I'll read it again more closely.

Anyhow, I adjusted the clutch as directed in the owners manual, but mabye I'll do it again to make sure I'm doing it correctly. Also, I just changed the oil to Valvoline ATV oil, so I know its wet-clutch friendly. I'll smell it to see if it has any burnt odor.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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