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Before and after

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Saw a thread on here b4 about "What is the best polish."Found this stuff made by MAXIMA called SC1.Here are some b4 and after photos.$10.00 a can and it will do your bike three times.Below is b4.
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This is after....
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Wow what a difference, looks good monster brute, now if there was only a cleaner too shine the engine up, dont like the baked mud on the engine.
That's good ol' Texas red clay for ya.Haven't found anything to get that stuff off yet.
Eagle One Aluminum Mag Cleaner

It will clean that engine up. But anything that isn't aluminum will be discolored. I always use it than get some WD40 and spray it down afterwards.
It really cleaned up nice Monsterbrute!! Think I'll try it on mine.
you just spray it on and let it sit for 30 sec then buff with a clean towel and it shines like new.like i said,well worth 10 bucks.i did the brute,my rhino,and i still have a 1/4 can left to do the brute again.it also keeps the mud from sticking to it.it leaves a wax type residue that water beads up and rolls off of.your local dealer should have it.

After, I used glass media and high temp clear coat. If you don't clear it after you media blast it all your bolts will rust.

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where do you buy the sc1 stuff at?
you can find it at your local motorcycle dealer.
On the Eagle One "Etching" Wheel Cleaner,do I use the aluminum wheel cleaner?Or the mag cleaner?The only one I've found that says "Etching" is the mag cleaner??????
you have to get the etching for it to work good though. MAKE SURE you dont let it sit long and spray wd or other lube on it afterwards. All my bolts rusted, but hey, my motor is clean:rolleyes:
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