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Bellows instead of vent lines

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Has anyone replaced their differential vent lines with the bellows used on Can Ams or Arctic Cats? I have ridden around with balloons on the end of my vent lines just to see how much pressure is generated from the diffs getting hot and it's practically none. I'm going to get a couple of these and try them out, I found them for $5 a piece. It's worth a shot and if it works it will save me a lot of fluid changes.
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I think they will work fine,I thought about doing it a couple times,just never got around to it.
i knew i would learn something new .i think ill get me some of those .thanx
Ive been running one on my vforce for about 3 years no with no problems
I ordered 8 of them for 4 bikes, my prairie, my girl's big bear, and my buddy's 2 foremans. I put them on my prairie this weekend and they were a perfect fit on the vent hose fittings. hope the rest are that simple.
Can you tell me more about these? pics? where to get from.
Forgive my ignorance, but what is a bellow?
It looks like a rubber accordian, or like a shock boot, but it is a sealed on one end. It replaces the line that runs from the diff up to the top of the bike.
Ok....thanks! I've probably seen those before but didn't know what they were called.
Which ones did you order? I think I have a set off of a can-am 400 and they fit a little loose, the new ones could be different though.
a bellow is a bladder. like marshmellow said, it looks kind of like an accordion, only it's cylindrical. it's essentially like putting a balloon on your differential instead of a vent line. so when you go under water you don't get water in your differentials.

the part number I ordered is: 705400352, I believe the same part# is used on all can ams.

if you go to http://www.shspowersports.com/fiche_section_detail.asp

click on Can-Am ATV Parts

click 2010

then just click on the first bike

then select Drive System, Front

check out location 59 (on the first bike) looks like a screwdriver head in the schematic. it's a bellow and they put em' right on the gear case where the hose normally goes. they are only $5 a piece on this site.

I just used the wire clamp that was on my original vent lines. if it fits loose you might be able to use a skinny hose clamp if you have room to get in there. if not, design a coupling to fill the space.
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