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Belt options?

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I know its always been said that there's no better belt than the original, I was just checking is that still the case?

Before there was only the original or Dayco to choose from now there appears to be many more, a newer Dayco, a Carlisle, an EPI severe duty and even a carbon fibre reinforced Goodyear Gatorback Sport!

So is the only choice still a stock belt?
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Theres the garter and the chastity, but I'm staying with the original:lol:
Stay with the stock one Andy. I put an 09 Teryx belt on the turbo... only because trugrip bought the last KFX belt from the dealer in Idaho. The Artic Cat 650 V2 belts may still be 30 bucks cheaper than the Kawie belt. Same belt.
The Teryx belt is a little longer and you can get a hair more gearing out of it on the very top end. it's a beefier belt, but does the same as the stocker up until top end power wise. you can run this belt right up to the top of it.

goodyear gator back sucks. it hits the engine case right between the clutches on the bottom as it's too wide.

Dayco HPX another day co gimmick. the mudders that run these clutches they BADLY groove the sheaves and they still fly apart.

the EPI is as close to a factory copy as you can get. you just have to pay 60 bucks more for it than a stocker.

What does "a hair more gearing on top" mean mph wise?
You get a hair more mph. :p
You get a hair more mph. :p
Thin, thick, or double curly?

The finest in hair meassurement.

The smallest increment known to mankind.
I couldn't resist...:lol::lol::lol:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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