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On July 24, 2021 we bought a new2021 Kawasaki mule Pro Mx LE from a dealer. The first month we had it we absolutely loved it until out on a evening ride. It was dark out when we got home and while putting it away in the garage we noticed the whole entire exhaust glowing bright red. Went out the next day started it and within seconds of running the same thing glowing bright red!! Made appointment with dealer and 3 weeks later to get it seen. everyone that saw the video were all in agreement this is not normal. Kawasaki is telling us this is normal. This machine has 60 miles and 10.2 hrs on it and they say that's normal. The engine is not made by Kawasaki it's a Taiwanese motor!!! It's been in the shop a week and still it's normal!! This thing is a fire hazard and not safe! Kawasaki refuses to accept something is wrong We have owned several other single cylinder engines and none of them have ever done that Buyer Beware!!


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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