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Billet side cover for stator

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I see that they make a billet side cover for the KFX700, I need one for a Teryx because I am adding a trigger wheel and sensor for my own EFI and ignition and aluminum is easy to weld to vs the crappy teryx plastic one. Can someone tell me if the side cover is exactly the same, from the pictures I see at atvtrickstuff it looks like there is some extra ears hanging off the side. The teryx cover doesn't have those ears but I thought all these motors had the same block? At least they all look the same. I don't care if the ears are there I just want the bolt holes to line up.

Also anyone got a used worn out one that I can buy? (may give you a reason to buy a new shiny one!!)
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they are all the same stator cover and all the same FI covers 2002-2010.

if you want to trigger FI here's an easier way than adding an external reluctor wheel.

use a Brute force flywheel and pick up out of a 2008-2009. They use a 20 pin reluctor wheel built right into the flywheel. The flywheel is about 2 pounds lighter than the stock Teryx. as the Teryx uses the vforce/prairie heavier flywheel

if you are using the Redline setup you can enter in the # of pins minus one to trigger the signals. so it's really a 21 pin with 1 pin missing. I don't know how they enter for the value, but I know you can adjust for it.

the 2 signal wires from the pickup should be compatible with just about every FI system.

Know anyone thats got one sitting around at a good price? If not any idea what they are new? Also I need to send you another clutch for maching, still same address and same $$$
Bf flywheels are $350+ new...
look on the bay...I picked one up for $45+ shipping last week.
I have an "Old Crazy Guy" stator cover you can have for 20 bucks plus shipping. Probably 8 bucks for shipping and 2 weeks to get there via USPS.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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