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Black upp intakes for sale

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I sold my quad and have some parts for sale
black upp intakes drilled for nitrous
both intakes have 1/4 inch holes in them for screw in nozzles
will sell for 100.00
also have janssen motorsports hi rev super box
had 3hp. On dyno by itself sell for 100.00
have complete nitrous express wet system with fuel pump
and 2 bottles mounted on rear six pack alum. Grab bar
very neat setup. Comes with complete gas tank with pengel
gas outlet in bottom of tank for nitrous set up. Cost
850.00 for all will sell for 500.00
nitrous is adjustable with jets from 20hp to 50hp
pm me or call 1-918-230-8718
dont know how to put pics up but i can take a pic with
phone and send it too you.
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If you still have them in a couple of weeks I will take them pending a couple of pic's sent to e-mail bit tapped right at the moment with stage 3 clutch getting done and 4" extention on its way.
please keep me in mind if you have had no joy by then

No problem not in any hurry
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