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Boss Noss Breakthrough Technology

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This will help to understand the Boss Noss system.

YouTube - Boss Noss Breakthrough Technology
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Question since I can't see the you tube right now...

Are you able to adjust the shot on the new setup. I would like to be able to change from like a 25 shot to a 60 shot depending on track
Yes it will show you on the Tube.
Donk, got some go fast goodies lately you better go big or stay on your side of the river;)
I will be fine...mines going to just be a trail bike.
so thats your story and your stickin to it .........rite
then I'll just have to race you on Mistys its just a trail bike;) been trying to call you too.......
Hey Donk stick to the trail bike, besides my trail bike whooped that prairie of Misty's just ask vfj he was riding it.:p
thats awesome, SEEMS theres really no limit as to how much you choose to shoot. does each kit come with all the orifice pistons? or buy each individually? and is the dual carb setup just run to a y splitter or 2 solenoids?
may look into this to replace my current system with fuel pump. I would have to read some reviews but it sounds good.

So let me get this right no matter what the bottle pressure is the system always sees 300psi? and thats how you it can come pre jetted for a certain shot. How big of a shot can you spray with this kit and How much $?
I like how it has it's own little carb. You guys know I like to use carbs.
The jets are in sizes of 10 20 30 40 the kfx has a hard time using more than a 30 shot per cyl unles you build just for that.
The system is compete stand alone.
only thing used from the bike is 12 volts.
Cars Truck Bikes Diesels it works on most anything.
Just add more nozzles.
One Smartbox can handle 4 nozzles.
Looks like I will be getting this system.

Wish the nozzles adjusted by 5 hp increases
I installed one last week. it went on in literally 1/2 hour. I cut off the switch and the push button and wired it right to the override button wires, then, I wired the power and ground to the horn wires. hook up the lines and fire away.

tuning was easy as well. I tee'd off the fuel line to an inline thumb screw fuel regulator (from the old boss noss kit) and with in 5 runs and turning the a/f I had a nice solid a/f line at 12.0-12.2 a/f

The claimed 30 shot was exactly 15 to the wheels. on a ported stage 3 cammed 800. we ran it many times and it gave perfect consistant results.

it went in the webers and fit very nicely drilled and tapped. and just incase you ever need the tap # for the boss noss it's 3/8-24 NF.


you watch that vid and when he sprays it, that's like a 100 shot. it doesn't come out near as heavy as that.
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So John what nozzles do you think would be needed to see 110+rwhp
I don't know how big a shot they go unless you doubled up on the nozzles. The boon regulated kit is the same way. you can only get ~25 rwhp by turning it out all the way and they claim a 60 shot. their's is 400 psi regulated. remove the regulator and add power. but with the boss kit the regulator's implemented into the solenoid box.

I think if you put on a regular ol nos solenoid took off the smart box and ran the 1/8th line to the boss injector nozzle you'd see 100hp with 2 boss nozzles.

it'll still add fuel regardless of what it is running at as it siphons it when the nos pressure hits the nozzle.

there's many ways to tweak these systems system for more power

So John what nozzles do you think would be needed to see 110+rwhp
You had better have brute cases or it'll split them just like it did to tom and amandas.

So John what nozzles do you think would be needed to see 110+rwhp
You had better have brute cases or it'll split them just like it did to tom and amandas.

I got a set of brute cases sitting here. They are not thicker. Had to be age or timing that split them.
I have extra cases if it splits...I ran just as much nitrous as Tom did on that motor but I had less timing and ran it on alky.

I have few different ideas to try.
I have the brute cases here. they are near 1/4 inch thicker. are you sure they say 750 on the motor vin #??

think of it this way. if you bored the vforce cases for 750 jugs to fit, how thin would they be?? the 750 jugs are more outward cast and they don't have to be bored unless you are running large sleeved Brute cylinders.

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