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Bought one need advise

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I purchased a Mojave for yes $100.00, it was used as a fishing/hunting atv, it's all there complete right down to the plastic. It starts, and will run and rev up, but will not idle, any help would be great. Also, are there any known problems I might need to know about, as far as I can tell it doesn't smoke rattle ect, just needs to be cleaned up a little. Actually I'm not even sure what year it is, it's got red plastic and a blue seat with white rims? I just ordered a clymer manual but I would like to get going on it before I get it, so ANY help would be very much appreciated.

Thank-you for your time!
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Sounds like the carb needs to be removed and cleaned. Especially the pilot jet. Also set the Air/fuel screw at 2.5 turns out from seated.
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