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brute 2009 back fire bad, red hot pipe

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my kawasaki brute 750 2009 back fire wen a relise the gaz and the small pipe hfm come red hot y gat snorkel hmf pipe and optimizre and still back fire very power full worck good but only wen a relise the trotel il back fire and in the somer my quad will burn whith this red hot pipe plise help me
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its running lean
its running lean
Second that for sure. You need bigger jets or see if u can adjust the air/fuel screw
I know that canadians have a little acsent but this is crazy
I would like to take a moment to say, this post in no way represents the general level of intelligence of the Canadian people. He's from New Brunswick so i'll give him the benefit of the doubt and guess that he's french and doesn't speak/write english overly well.
We know.:tup: Best was when you get someone using a translating program that did not understand engine/atv terms. Those could get confusing.

agree is lean.

Wow! :hmm:?............Yep..........bon y Lean..............red hot pipes or peppers...........more gas or less air

But does the hmf mean what I think it means?:lol:
Lean can be mean....but not with a red hot pipe;)
Sounds like he has the extended pipe on the hmf muffler for going deep in water.

Do you have a fuel controller on there?

a 09 is fuel injected
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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