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Brute 750 backfiring into airbox

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I just put stage one HottCams in my 05' 750 Brute Force. It also has a Dalton Clutch Kit, Big Gun full exhaust system, K&N Air Filter, and a Dynojet jet kit. Upon riding it after installing cams, it backfires up into the air box when I ride at a steady low throttle. I have a 150 main in the front carb & a 155 in the back. The pilot screw is backed out two turns, this is the jetting that was recomended by Dynojet. Any ideas as to what I could do to cure this thing.
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raise the needle by shimming it 2mm

be sure it's the NFKL needle 05's had 2 different needles

btw. if you are running DJ needles remove them, they suck. they move in the E-tube abd create a fuel drip. most likely what you are experiencing.

I am running the Dynojet needles, if I take them out, should I go back to stock or do know of a better jet kit?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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