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BRUTE DOWN (about three feet)

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I had a oops today, Was driving along side a creek today and the ice went crunch, I stopped put it in reverse and she went down.:eek:
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guess ya weren't really along side the creek, were ya?:p

how bad is the brute?
Shitty :( Did she get a belly full? and are ya snork'd?
Not snorked, I shut it down immediately and did not try to start it after we got it out. Not to worried, I'll put in in the shop to thaw it out, and go threw it and check and change fluids if needed in a few days.
Wow I like them tracks...Take your clutch cover off while your at it and blow out the primary in the weight and pin area esspecially as the chome gets wore and then rust starts and there goes the pins and weight bushings in 500mi. Regrease your secondary too if you can. Man I like them tracks. JH
I would atleast pull all of the drains and let it drain good if you are not able to get to it right away because if there is water in it ,it will start to rust inside in a few days and then when you get it up and running it could send the rust through the whole motor and tranny.
Guess you're living up to your name, eh?
It should be coolTHREWtheice now:lol::lol::lol:. I 'll pull the drain plug this morning on the engine and check the diffs for water. Belt cover will come off to and clean out that area too. It was hard to sleep last night thinking of this....zzzzzz
Hey all,
I did a oil drain job on her and that's going good, both diffs look good and the gas take shows no sign of water in it. I pulled the clutch cover off and cleaned and relube all that stuff. Pulled the front spark plug out and cranked it over and no water shot out. Tried to see if it would fire up and nothing happen. I checked the three fuses I saw under the seat and all look good. It turns over fine just no sputter. I'm still thawing it out, carbs might be full of ice still. I drained them twice and fuel ran out of them. Just not sure yet if anything is major wrong. I'm going to check for spark in the morning. If you have Any ideas let me know. Thanks Jesse
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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