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Kawasaki Brute Force 750i 2009 EFI All Stock except for mudlite xtr's

I recently checked my drive belt since the drive belt light turned on and there wasn't any problems with the drive belt so i put the cover back on, now i have no 4 wheel drive and now the engine is stalling, can this be because the drive belt is slipping? Belt seemed a liitle loose when i checked it again and while checking it i noticed when i touched the belt the 4 wheel drive goes back on on the dashboard. I've since cut out the old belt and will have to wait for a clutch puller to put on a new belt.

I will also be doing some mods for it and here's what i'm thinking so far.
HMF Utility slip on
HMF Optimizer
K&N Air Filter
I will also install a Hyper Performance Chip (Fuel Maximizer Performance Module) which can potentially give out 30 more horsepower for moded atv's. Also +5 more miles to the gallon.

Thinking of some springs on primary clutch and secondary but not sure of them at all.
I'm hoping to get more speed and power out of it and any pointers would be appreciated. Dynatek cdi's sound great but doesn't seem to have one for my model, any other suggestions?

Proud Owner of a Brute Force 750
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