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Hallo guys! 馃檪

I have a few questions about the Brute Force 750.
As soon as i can afford it, I'm going to replace my current atv with a brand new one. And i find the Brute Force interesting.
What can you guys tell me about the quality of the Brute Force?
Any common issues or weak points?

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There are no quality issues with anything from Japan. Honda, Yamaha,Kawasaki & Susuki and all pretty much the same. Can Am and Polaris are also good quality, it's just they are on the leading edge of innovation & R&D and run into issues sometimes. Fear not. You treat it right, give it what it needs..when it needs it and it will always get you there and bring you back with a smile on your face. But know if you abuse or neglect it..especially a sport-oriented machine like Kawasaki..you will pay a heavy price. :)
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