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brute wheel pics??

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hey guys im tryin to decide on wheel tire package for my camo brute750, would like to see what they look like on the atv, i have the stock rims with 26 mudlights, im wanting to go 14" rims w/ maybe 27" radial mudlights, a shop near me said he could get me swamp fox's that were radial, im not doing mudbog competitions, im looking for lighter and better handling and im torn between black or chrome in the rims, any tips/ pics would b great
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keep your stock rims and go with ITP 589s in 28 or 29 inch! i think they look great from the pics i've seen i'm getting ready to order mine here in a couple of weeks. 14"s would make me top heavy and with some of the off camber mountain stuff i go in that would not be a good thing.
i have both 27" mudlite xl's on itp type 5's in machined aluminum and i have 25" terra cross's on itp type 7 black beadlocks/black rings. i really like black wheels myself. one thing for sure is the 27" mudlite radials are a heavy tire, a friend has broken a couple of axles but then again he does ride a grizzly. hahaha:lol:

theres pics of mine in my sig i believe.
im leanin toward the itp ss212 black, the tires im still up in the air on, i did kinda want to loose some of the weight, people here are telling me the light tires mudlight, swamp light ets wont hold up long and that my stock steel rims are really not heavier, than the itp, i trail ride occasional mudding, no mud boggin sloppy stuff really, not really any hard rocky areas where i ride, decisions decisions, im thinki bout sticking with a 12" rim instead of the 14 now as well
ive got the itp black 212's with 28" zilla's on my camo brute. They run short so their really bout 27". They do good. I don't ride all mud but they do good in when i do.
You messaged me a day or so ago on another site....here's a pic..
i just picked up 2 ITP mudlites in 27x12x12 offa craigslist NEW for $130 for the pair. now i just gotta order 2 for the front from Mike at Dick's ATV.
Firedog, wheres ur pic?? that would really help me out did u go with the 12 or14 212s? how wide are your zillas? my mudlights are 8 in front 10 back look to skinny to me, CTD06 is that outer bumper by moose? i was lookin at one today similar but they said it would only fit the 08' up brutes,mines an 06, didnt think there was a difference besides efi and that storage box that i wanna put on mine but the 2 dealers ive called said they dont know which parts to sell me that theres about 50 to that lil box
I believe it is a Moose if I remember right. I got it from DennisKirk.com a few years ago, but I just looked and I can't find the same one. The front bumper's are different on the 08 and up ones. They are all covered in plastic and they have a little grille incorporated in to the bumper cover. Under that i'm not sure what it looks like. But yes, my bumper is a moose. I'll try and find it online.
my oem bumper is covered in plastic, i busted it but it looks identical to sondog's above and its an 06, or it did look like his, im gonna cut the plastic off both sides make it look better, i should say my plastic cover looks like his, these dealers cant tell me anything, the bumper i want looks like yours, but it runs down attaches below the winch, its in the moose product line now, i'll make it work
Firedog, wheres ur pic?? that would really help me out did u go with the 12 or14 212s? how wide are your zillas?

here is mine

28x10x12 front
28x12x12 rear

View attachment 20527
I actually liked the 212's better than the 108's, but thought the 108's would not get caught up in as many sticks and rocks.
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