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Busco Beach

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Anyone going or wanting to go this weekend? It'll be a 4 day weekend for me. I'm shooting to go Saturday if I get the asphalt tires on time, so I can go the the 1/4 mile track on Sunday, if not I might go Sunday as well.
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depending on the weather me and my crew are talking about going saturday. but if its gonna be high 30s thats a bit nipply
41 and sunny on Sunday...perfect weather :).
Heading to Busco in a few hours....sunny all day and 45 degrees after 12pm.
You're nuts :p:lol:

If you're running a 1/4 mile, I wonder what the wind chill is at 70 mph:p
Dude, it Valentines Day, you supposed to be kissing you wifes azz...along with some other places:p Hve fun
Too muddy???:huh: You must be from the west coast :lol:
Too muddy???:huh: You must be from the west coast :lol:

or canada :lol:
Valentines Day is over rated:p.
I spent 5 hours today getting a stress test done, just got home. I would've much rather been ripping around on the V.
Busco was a real mess...I was there for 30 mins and it took me 5 hours to clean both atvs, trailer, and the suv.
So how did the little 8 run:)
It ran real good, but there was noone there to race, except my son on the 450...it was a close race ;).
I'm sure he only time it was close was at the starting line;)
thats why i didnt go. after a rain that place is just way too muddy. i am shocked theres no snow in that picture.
I was down there in late 06 or 07 right after the 100 year flood. That, my friend, was muddy!
Ill be going down this weekend for a day trip on saturday if anyone is interested in going down.
Me and a few others will probably be there Saturday. Come on over and say hi. We don't bite
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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