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Buying new plastic

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I am giving the prairie a make over and plan on buying a new set of camo plastic. I called up the dealer and they gave a price of 420 for all of the pieces needed except for the fender trim and floorboard pieces. I got them down to $395 a set if I take two....one for Vtprairie03.

Sound like a good deal? Anyone bought any recently for a better deal?
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The camo plastic is higher then normal colors. Probably about as good as you will find for new plastic.
The Prairie camo i think is the same price as the rest.
It's the Brute camo that is way more.

That's not a bad price. The front Prairie fender just went up $50. In the last month or so.
Oh, i thought the New Camo Prairie was more. Learn something new today :D
LAst time i bought a lime green set it was closer to 300 minus the air box covers...which I already had.

I am like you Neal, thought the HDcamo may be alittle more or it just went up altogether.
I had to look it up.
Front fender is the same cost all colors.
Rear fender is $15 more for camo.

Ya it's just money. Just add it to the total spent on bike list.:lol:
I have these pieces brand New 650/700 praire flap kit (black fender trim) $65 shipped(front i have 35019a,35019,35019b)----(and missing 35019c)

(rear i have 35019c,35019b,35019,35019a)----(and missing 35019d,35019e)
let me know what you think there all still in the bags from dealer
ok thanks painter, I'll keep you mind if I go through with this.

I have blue plastic thats been trimmed on it now and its in decent shape, just wanting it to look brand new again.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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