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Had this machine for 6 years. Has been great for what we us it for. Few months ago got where it had no power. Would not "run out". While riding would only open up to about 1/4 throtle but would never open up. Barely pull you. Even sitting in neutrel and reving it up it would only take about 1/4 throtle, any more and it sounded like it had back pressure.

Had a few oil leaks so I finally desided to tear into it.
Here is what I have done:

Purchased top end gasket set & carb rebuild kit. Checked timming looked good to me. Mark on cam sprocket lined up at TDC. Romoved head. Cleaned head, valves and top of piston. Lots of build-up. Replaced all gaskets, readjusted valves, cleaned carb (before I bought kit) and put it all back together.

Cranked easier, ideled smother but still would not run out. So I bought the carb kit. Never rebuilt one by myself so I hired a friend to rebuild it for me. Done it last night and runs worse when we first put it back on. finnaly got it so idel without choke but still the same, no power, will not run out.

I think there are only 2 external adjustments, Air / Gas mixture screw on bottom and the idel screw?? Is that right?? I saw him adjust a screw inside and was wondering what it is suppose to be. He set it at 2 1/2 turns out.

I was also wondering about how to advance the timmimg. If I move the mark on the cam sprocket to the left one tooth is that advancing to before TDC or do I need to move it to the right??

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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