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Caution when filling diffs.....

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I found out that you have to let the lube "find it's level" after you let it sit for about 5 minutes when filling. It fills quickly, and when you think it's full, it's not. It will slowly drop {a few times!}, before actually filling to the bottom of the lowest thread. Just thought I'd throw this out because I bet there's a lot of "half-full" diffs out there.......and no, I have no leaks, it's as dry as "new"...which it is.....
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Same thing happened to me the first time I changed my gear oil. I was like WTF! I was looking for leaks everywhere.:lol:
is there a post that lists the steps in changing the rear Diff fluid? Still waiting for a manual for my 93 bayou 300. search didn't turn up anything specific..Thanks.
The more times I've changed the diff fluid the faster it seems to "absorb" the fluid, especially on the front. A friend warned me the first time so I waited, luckily or I probably would have had the same problem.
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