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Ceramic coated LTE duals

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I have a set of LTE duals with ceramic painted head pipes. On the front and rear pipe right where they bolt to the head are starting to peel.

Number one how do I strip the ceramic paint off the pipes? I tried sand paper and that didn't work out to well. Number two where can I get them redone at a fair price?
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when mine was peeling i had to get them soda blasted i tryed sand paper and grinder with wire wheel to much effort blasters charged me $20 here
Thats what I was thinking. I'll get my media blaster out and give that a shot.

Any ideas on where to get them re-coated? How much am i looking at spending?
Who did the coating? If you know, call them up (before you do anything) and see if there is any warranty on their coating.
They came from LTE coated. LTE was going to recoat them for free but I'm tired of dickering around with them. I call, get put on hold then told some one will call me back. Have yet to receive a return call.
That sucks about you getting the run around from LTE. I had my wifes Muzzy Pro pipes and heat shields coated, the soda blasting and to have the coating done was only $155.00 and that's CDN dollars.
That's a good price ^^
A few months ago, I had my LTE duals ceramic coated at a local place and I think the total price was around $150 or $160 (for the header pipes only - I did not coat the cans). If I were you, I would have let LTE redo the coating for free...that would save you some coin.

I know what you mean about LTE...sometimes hard to get someone on the phone. But I found if I left a message, they would usually call me back within a day or two. If not, I would just call them back until I got a live person on the phone.
I broke out the media blaster and used glass media. The ceramic comes right off.

LTE is a lot like Muzzy when trying to get something taken care of. IMO both LTE and Muzzy customer service blows!
cajun700v knows a guy that does em, hes gonna do mine flat ceramic black
cajun700v knows a guy that does em, hes gonna do mine flat ceramic black

Thats how I want to do mine. Maybe Parker can hook me up also.
Is the price right?
Central CT Coatings | Home
this place did my camaro ss headers years ago,did a great job
he told me 150 + shipping, hes about 4hrs from me. so ive been waiting in case i make a trip his way ill drop em off
I just found a company here in Indianapolis Indiana that does ceramic coating. There website says they also do ceramic coating to pistons. I have a brand new set of Fundy new style 11.5:1's My question is will I benefit anything by having my pistons coated?

Here's a couple of places in IN & IL that do ceramic coating. I haven't used either of them myself.


SERVICES LO-KO™ Perfomance Coatings, Inc.

There is always Jet-Hot also.

JET-HOT Coatings Motorsports Page
Thanks twyz
I had my ultralight trike Rotax exhaust ceramic coated locally for $75.00. It's about a 1 1/2 hr drive from me. His phone is..... 208-587-5541

I live in Southern Idaho.
local company will do ceramic coating for $20 a foot. There ceramic coating is good upto 1,300 deg. That seems to low does it not? They offer a coating they use for turbos and it's good upto 2,300 deg but its a flat black.

What you guys think about this?
Don't know. I paid $90 or $95 to have my entire Muzzy system ceramic coated.
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