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Changing belt, do I need to adjust?

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Have an OEM belt on the way, figure I should change it @1700 miles but through someones experience is it really neccesary for a $31 clutch puller? I am use to changing belts on snowmobiles so is it that bad to do it by hand on the brute? My biggest concern is if I will need to make any adjustments as far as the new belt being to loose. I know how the sensors can be. I got the big book but how hard is it too correct the proper tension?
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Wow that about covers it, thanks. One more thing, considering I am going to have this apart could anyone recommend a spring. I run 27" tires and quite a few mods but for trail, some mud, and all around riding would a maroon spring be the way to go?

I would say you are ok ............both of my machines are stock but with 28" tires ..........and no problem............
The "proper" way is to use a primary clutch puller, but you can use a soft tool and pry the secondary sheaves apart far enough to roll the old belt off and roll the new one on. If the tension has never been adjusted, you MAY be able to simply install the new belt without adjusting the tension.
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