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hey guys, there is alot of talk about these HID lights, well i was going to purchase some from www.motorcyclehidlights.com if you visit this site it clearly says there kits are simply plug and play, well after doing some reasearch i found out that there is not one market to this day that has a HID p&p for brute force, even though this website says they do. Well i emailed them and they were not some pretty emails...... here they are in order from me sending them to them replying.

1st Email-Sent...
I was going to purchase the brute force hid light kit, simply because it
says "plug and play" well after doing further research i have found out
there is not one market yet to this day that makes plug and play for brute
force hids, so why does this website claim they are selling a plug and play
product, when truely it is no where near a plug and play? Any, and I mean any explenation would be great, considering this website is saying its product is something that its not.

1st Email-Recieved...
We list all kits for any application available. We are aware that there is no HID kit that is plug and play for the Brute force. When an order comes in, we always offer the customer an option to modify a kit if they believe it is within their abilities. If not then we just refund the customer's money in full.

2nd Email-Sent...
Don't you think you should take the plug and play out of the description for the brute force HID, since there is no such thing, and this website is advertising they have one?

2nd and Final Email-Recieved...

It will be noted and changed.

Tell me this company shouldnt be able to get fined, if not even sued for claiming they sell a product that is P&P when truely it takes about 1-3 Hours E.T. to install this kit?
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