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checking interest on clutch cover insert

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I am wondering if there is any interest in the clutch cover insert(easy access for primary spring) that I have on my V force.I have never submerged it in water,but splashing water on it or going through water for a couple seconds it wont leak.But I won't guarantee it for being submerged as it is close tolerance machined,but not O ringed for 100% seal.More for sand and trail use
I may place an order if there is some interest.I will be looking at around 10 pieces for my first order.I would say somewhere close to $100.00 + or -shipped to lower 48

I will take the first 10 serious inquiries.I would say close to a month before I can start shipping and will take the $$$ when I have them in hand
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I'll try to get some posted tomorrow.It's a 2 piece unit
If this is like Moby has I am interested in one.
what is it made out of?
anyway you could add a gasket?
I'd like to see it first.
I agree with pipo. Let's see a picture then I might commit.
I'm always changing the primary spring on my V. I'd be interested as well.
it's where you cut the plastic cover and put in the aluminum dish over the primary.

One of those would be more handy then sliced bread! It would be cool to have the cover engraved with something custom on it also. :tup:
I may beable to do some engraving.PM me some pics of what you may want and I will see what I can do.
I am also going to see if I can cut an O-ring groove in the backing plate.I am also going to try to redisgn the front cover for more room for engraving,air brush painting,or just polishing.I will leave it a little rough and it will polish right up,but for someone that wishes to paint on it it will be good.
They are made from aluminum and once you cut out the plastic this will slide in it's place with a detachable front cover.
If I ever get mine back from my buddy who is airbrushing it i will post some pics of it also
hope to have a new pic of one posted by the weekend
is there enough room to hold the clutch to re tourque it?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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