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clutch mods/springs

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I have a 08 750 brute with muzzy exaust and a pc3 and 26" mud tires
looking for more out of the hole and mid range. would maroon epi spring on
primary mod or pink primary and black secondary mod be better? mostly trail but I dont go around mud holes. any advice would be helpful.:D
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Maroon primary for sure..Alot of people seem to be running the almond secondary..
thats what ive been running for 2 years now and i love it and you dont loss to much top end only 2 mph or something around there
I've got an epi maroon for $20.00 shipped. It has very little use in it. Great spring. I went with a different setup with my BBK and don't need it.
Maroon and Almond is the way to go!!
is there much stall before enguagment with the maroon and almond set up?
No not really, seems to engage right away! The response is much quicker!!
not looking for any stall ,like tight trail riding, still thinking pink primary and black secondary , any one runing this set up , how is it?
Get with VForceJohn on here. He just came out with some new springs for you 4x4 folk.
I thought from 07 to present the stock spring was very very close to the pink.
I could be wrong but the SEARCH might help
im very happy with maroon primary and black secondary.
for me on my p700 with a VFJ stage 3 primary and lighter secondary, im running maroon primary and almond secondary. snappy off the line pulls like a semi truck up to about 45 - 50 mph where it gets up into the topend, and pulls nice and smooth till it peaks out around 65mph. and im running 28" tires. the best upgrades was the vfj clutch work.
i put in just the pink primary and left the secondary stock. seems like ive got the punch out of the hole, but top end suffered. what do i do for that?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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