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clutch shoes or buttons

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Ok may be stupid question. My clutch is getting noisy and I assuming Ill need to replace the shoes/buttons on the spider. When I looked these up on bike bandit it says $8.47 now is that apiece? or for 8?
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I think that may be a piece. I bought a cheap set of feeler gauges to cut and use as shims behind the buttons and it has been working fine.
lol hell of an idea. What holds thenshoes in place? just a push fit?
I hav shim kits for them or use a 14mm shim. I have. 002,.004,.008
Not trying to steal a post but maybe someone can help.. Parts break down shows 3 different covers red, blue and std. Why? Also what shoes or shims to go with. Is the spider on with black locktight like my old arctic cat sled. My clutch only rattles when cold. The bushing that people mention is it the one on the sliding half part #92028 and
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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