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I don't have a Mule but have a 700 prairie and am getting tired of the same issue. Above 45 out and it fires right up. Down in the single digits like it is now or even in the twenties and its grind and play with the choke till it fires up. Mine is 100% stock. Folks will suggest its the valves being to tight, yeah they should be checked. Ive done mine 4 times with no better starting and it runs fine once its going and will do 62 mph. Spark is nice and blue, the electrics check out within spec when tested,bla,bla,bla.
Pull your plug when your in a crank and crank mode, and I'll guess you'll find its drown with fuel like mine. If you don't choke it it will NEVER start. Ive had bikes/atv's and sxs's that the choke actually raises the rpm when its set and you fire it up and will stay there as it warms up. Neither of the 360's or this 700 do that, its get it running and take the choke off or its drowns it. I tore my carbs down again last night, checked everything, cleaned them, new plugs, stretched the choke springs as suggested, polished the choke plungers and still the same BS. Its getting old. Time for a FI atv I think. BTW, A big can of Ether is your friend.
Rant over. :mad:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts