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My name is Jim and I live in Buena Vista, CO. New to this forum but an avid road and dirt motorcycle enthusiast, 2 KTM's and a road bike.
I just purchased my second ATV, a new 2019 Kaw BF750 4x4ii EPS camo w/ winch & plow rig for my driveway and property.
I sold my Polaris 425 Mag years ago as it was too light for pushing big snow. The BF won't plow feet but it will work much better than my snowblower.
I've been using a Crapsman 32" snowblower for years and it's actually done a good job but I need snow berms piled up every year for wind/snow fencing.
The snowblower sucks for that but this Kaw setup should work fine. My decision for buying the Kaw is because I've owned several Kaw bikes and still own a C14 and that I have hundreds of tech 2-track just west of me for riding and I live at 9000' and I've been getting a lot of snow lately. And I have a long, long driveway.

I want to read your posts regarding accessories like headlamp bulbs and maintenance tips and issues. I perform all of my maintenance.

Thanks in advance
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