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Complete 04 Prairie part out.

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Have everything for this bike.. send me pms with offers.

bike has:

28x12 mudzillas-rear
28x10- mudzillas front
radiator rack mount- custom, very strong
complete pro circuit exhaust
wiring harness
complete front diff with all new bearings and seals, needs to be assembled.
complete running engine
brand new front plastics

MAke offers bike is complete I have everything you need.
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PM Sent

Do ypu happen to have the original muffler and pipes?
price on pro circuit pipe
i am interested in the tires can you post a pic...thx
Can you send pics of front plastics?

X2^^^^^post em up!
do you still have the exhuast?
Rear Shock?
I need some stock intakes. PM me if you still have them.
What color are the plastics ?? Will they fit a 2001 400 prairie 4x4 ?? Thanks
how much for the primary clutch if its in good shape?
This post is over a year old guys and the 650/700 fenders will not fir on the 400 prairie.
your 28 inch mudzillas

Do you still have the 28 inch mudzillas? I'm interested in them and do you have a prairie 650 radiator?
look at the dates!!!! this was from 2010... and he hasnt replied back since. sorry fellas.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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