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Dalton billet clutch cover

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bought new in April o9 / I paid 195.00 for it and I'll let it go for 120.00 shipped. No longer needed thanks to VFJ.
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I like it when you clean out the garage;)
make offer ,trades welcome whatcha got I just dont have any use for it anymore ..
not sure on that ,VFJ would know or G-RIDER maybe someone will chime in and school us both......
Trade you a steak dinner
you owe me one of those already:lol:
It would work on the Teryx but wouldn't give you the max belt travel. The New covers for the Teryx has a lot more clearance where as the ones for V's, prairies, brutes are not as much. But it would work :tup:
To the top !!!!!
Ill take that off your hands
SOLD thanks iceberg:tup:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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