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Deal or No Deal

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I currently have a 2003 P360. But i am looking to upgrade to something bigger and faster. I have come across a 2006 Kawasaki BF650 4X4i. The seller is asking $4000 for it. It is Red in color and looks brand new from the pictures i have seen of it.

The seller is the original owner. He says it has been well maintained and hardly used. IT has 194 miles and 49 hours. Does this look like a good deal? Going to look at it this weekend. What should i look for? What would you offer for it?
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Sounds like a fair deal to me,if it looks and runs as good as it should for quad with so few miles on it.
The hours sound high for the miles,unless he drove under 3 MPH all the time or it idled allot.
He said the first year he had it he used it fairly often. And the last 2 years just mostly to give the grandkids rides around in the yard. So not really used for much the last 2 years.
Look on ebay or craigslist to find the going price for a BF650i. Those hours also look high for the number of miles on the quad...near me, that is common for the guys who take their ATVs to ride in the mud. They like to ride in the mud, then stop and drink a few. I have bought an ATV that was previously used as a mudder and don't recommend it...the mud bikes tend to get abused. If I were you, I'd ask questions and make sure this one was not used as a mudder (look for a lift kit, big mud tires, snorkels, etc.)

Other than that, just look for things like 2wd/4wd engages properly (no flashing signs on the dash), steering has no slop it in it, no oil leaks around the motor and diff oil seals, starts easy, idles smooth, runs strong, no smoke/coolant smell in the exhaust, etc.

Good luck and happy trails...:)
down here in Fla thats not bad for a nice Brute 650,check the axles and fluids,start it up cold and look for smoke and smell the oil for a fuel smell or discoloration.
also pop the top off the airbox and look down in it for mud/water splashes
Check the rims for knicks and dings and then when you drive it, see if it drives straight when the handlebars are straight.

Check rubber for wear and for punctures that have been plugged.

If it hasn't been ran much the last 2 years, it may have old gas in it.

Ride it on some off-camber areas if possible and hit it from different angles to see if there is any scary grinding noises, etc.

My guess, it is a pretty good deal. You should be able to tell a lot by the guy's presence and how he keeps the rest of his place in order.
I will check all the things mentioned. He also noted that it is garage kept. The plastics look new and not a single scratch. He says it is in perfect condition. I am awaiting pics from him. When he sends i will post them for you all to look at. He is asking 4k OBO. So i will start low and go from there.
Also, what is the difference between the BF 650 and the BF650i? Also, he bought this new in February 2007
The "I" has an independent rear suspension,the 650 SRA has a single axle like a sport quad.

Hey Capt.........fishing still good?

Just look it over good and ride it long enough to let it warm up .........see how it performs........if the tires are stock its prob not a mudder........but look for brownish hazy stains around the bottom part of the engine.........if its seen a fair amount of mudding it will be stained somewhat on the engine because its hard to come clean.
And yea .....if the owner talks something like Pee Wee Herman he's prob not a mudder or abuser.
I wouldn't be scared of the miles or hours.........the higher hours are prob because he is a newbie..........just riding a ways ....and sit ....while idling talking and talking ...............the hours most likely are from idling............

Just decide if you like the red color that much and offer him about $3400.......see what he says.........if its in great shape throughout its prob worth what he is asking............Good luck and send me some fish!
I am always weary of guys that start it up and let it warm up before you get there. I hate that, because cold starting tells the tale almost everytime. Just use common sense and don't buy it if you are unsure :tup:
yeah you'd be surprised how many hours get put on opposed to miles with guys that just used them for yard work and stuff. they spend a lot of time idling. sounds like a pretty good deal though. good luck!
So is it bad if most of the time is from idling?

So is it bad if most of the time is from idling?
No not at all........................
Hey Capt.........fishing still good?
I actually haven't gone out fishing since January....
So i have been on my annual vacation. We take the winters off. But our season starts in about 2 weeks. They are predicting a good year.

Still waiting on the guy to send me pictures of the BF.
Those are pics of the Brute force i am interested in. Any comments?

I only see one pic capt.............looking at the display..........what I can see it looks clean.............
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