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Ok I need some help!!! New rider and just purchase/got ontrade a 07 750. My display is not working.

I was out on a ride a couple of weeks ago and the brute wasbeing a brute. Was going up a small hill and noticed that my display wasflashing on and off. I would turn the wheel and it die. Finally I was using mywinch to pull another rider out of the mud and it completely stopped working.When I got home I noticed that my winch stopped working as well.

I started digging into the display and noticed that who everwired the winch, wired it to the brown wire in the harness of the display. Theyused one of those clamp on t splicers. The splicer damn near cut the brown wirein half. They tied it in just above the wire coupler between the display backand the coupler to main wire harness. I tested the power (white wire) and it isgetting power. So I though Maybe using the winch and the wire almost being cutin half fried the display.

However, When I too the display apart and jumped from thefrom a wire from the white to the brown the display worked. So I figured thatthe display brown wire terminal was fried. I ordered a working display andplugged it in and nothing. When I Turn on the lights the display lights up butnow LCD at all.
Has anyone ever run into this. Where does this Brown wirecome from (main Harness/ECU?) I want to try to follow it out or can I just jump this wire to the white wire.

Could really use some help or a diagram. Not findinganything in the manual or maybe I just missed it.
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