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Don't see one of these everyday.

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This is a 1978 Kawasaki KZ 1000 that has been moddified with a super charger. Was around 75 hp stock and is now around 145 hp with 10lbs of boost. The guy who owns it is a John Belinda out of PA. Every piece that is aluminum on there, he made himself. He is lucky enough to work for Lockeed Martin. Has access to all the good stuff. He does all the chassis builds for my friend Jesse and quite a few others for their drag bikes. We took his frame to him today so it can be modded a bit before the season begins. Thought I would share the pictures of his bike because it is definitely a one of kind, and probably one of the best shapes "78" KZ 1000 still around.

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i like those acewell tach's, bet that thing rips for sure. mean looking machine :tup:
The guy who owns that bike is a genious. He made every bracket, every foot peg, grips, triple clamps, brackets, all of it. Made the intake for the super charger, the pulley's, and all. Nice to have a CNC machine to use whenever you want.
Cool!!! Too bad it ain't green;)
that is fricken sweet. what was the SC originally off of?
Metal's cousin no doubt. :lol:
I got a chub

love it.. i have a soft spot for the late 70s, and 80s bikes, there is just something cool about them..
my uncle has a mint 73 or 74 kz 900 z1,he never rides the damn thing.was my fathers originally.i always try to get him to sell it to me but he won't let it go:rolleyes:that bike is insane,looks nice
The super charger is from magna charger. It is a something 62. He could have gone with a 45, but the 62 was the one. Sorry, can't remember what it was called, just remember the numbers. Thought you would like that Erik. Your name was mentioned. He had seen your vids and really liked what you had done to your sc beast.
The 62 whatever is what I have. :)

Mentioned me?
The 62 whatever is what I have. :)

Mentioned me?
Yes, I was telling him about my friend who lives in Las Vegas and built a SC VForce. He said Oh yeah, I've seen his videos of it. He said it was real cool! Of course I had to agree. :tup:
damn with that I could make all the lady's panties drop.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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