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Double-Decker Quad Trailer

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I no longer need this trailer because I bought a Forest river toy hauler.

I designed and had this trailer built. The prototype cost me $4500 plus paint job which I did my self with silver Rustoleum paint. It is only 17' long and it has torsion spring axle. It pulls like a dream and has room for 3 5 gal gas cans, pop up tent, tools, chairs etc. I pulled it to Glamis 2 times an all over Utah, and out to Kermit Dunes in TX. I added a winch on top to pull up the top quad. It would also hold a full size and 2 kid sized quads.

I will deliver it free any where in a 250 mil range. I live in El Paso,TX.

I will take $1500 for it!

[email protected]
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That is the coolest thing since sliced bread..

I dig it. I think you would get a good price for that on eBay.

Free Bump
can you plz email me more pics of the trailer . [email protected] thanks robert
i wanna see video of you loading the top bike..lol nice meanie in back ground
Yeah, I can't figure out how the top one would be loaded/unloaded either
It pivots on that center riser..and the winch pulls it up..It looks like.
Wow...I wish I was closer...that's the coolest lil trailer I ever saw...
Man..if I was closer i would jump on this. I just bought a trailer for the quads as in yesterday. That is just cool! Do you have the plans for the trailer? I would think of you had a set of plans you could get your money back out selling them. I would be interested in a set of plans.
The top section pivots down. The aluminum ramps which are locked in a storage slot under the bottom quad. Here is a pic!
I am glad to see I'm not the only crazy person out there. I'm working on a double decker trailer that will hold 4 atvs.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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