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Dual FCR 35? Or Fuel Injection?

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Dual FCR 37's? Or Fuel Injection?

Dose any one sell Dual FCR 37's or make a Fuel Injection Kit for the V700?
Im not a fan of CV carbs, junked the Mojaves 32mm and the DS 42mm.
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Yes there is a fuel injection system that will work it is from redline performance it uses a webber style setup very expensive though
The fi system also makes less hp than the FCR carb setup. The FI is better thru the whoops.

The stock carbs are better than you think and can support and handle DOUBLE the RWHP of a stock machine all motor and up to 100 rwhp on NOS.

I agree that the stock cv carbs are good enough to not spend thousands of dollars replacing with a FI setup
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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