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Dyna Ignition, SLUGGISH

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Just installed a Dyna CDI on an 04....stock.....now it's very very VERY sluggish.....won't spin in reverse won't rev out......Could it be a bad box? Or do I need more mods for it to be effective?
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With CDI's its usually all or nothing. Meaning they work or don't work.

If you're stock I don't think you'll notice a difference at all. Other than the lack of reverse limiter.
Well it made a huge difference, it slowed wwaaayyyy down :confused:

It won't even touch the rev limiter.....
Put the stocker back in. Try it. Your CDI is probably bad right out of the box.
Wouldn't be the first Dyna that sucked it up right out of the box..
wicked yer close to by. we sould meet up and ride
wicked yer close to by. we sould meet up and ride

Sounds like a plan...We ride around the house alot, hit Tower Traxx a few times a month as well as Sandhills.....been itching to head to the dunes......

I'm gonna swap out the CDI again tommrow, I bought it used so maybe I'll use it as a paper weight? lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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